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Florida State coordinators speak ahead of Clemson game

Going on the road to Clemson

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

FLORIDA STATE — The Florida State Seminole coordinators spoke on Monday after a blowout victory over the Massachusetts Minutemen. With the game on the road at Clemson this weekend they spoke about offensive and defensive struggles, younger guys stepping up, and how they plan to attack the Clemson Tigers:

Offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham

  • The offense last Saturday was a huge success, aside from a few negatives in the first drive, Dillingham spoke on the progress he’s seen:

“It’s not a secret, we put those goals up on the board for a reason and we achieved every single one of our goals last week. It was the first time we’ve done that since we’ve been here and you see what happens.”

  • The rest of Dillingham’s interview can be seen below:

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

  • The Seminole defense pitched a near shutout only allowing three points last weekend which gave them the ability to rotate in a lot of newcomers. Fuller spoke on how that helps his defense moving forward:

“As much as you say practice is everything there still a feeling of going out on game day and suiting up and playing. I think we played 14 linemen, 14 defensive backs, I could be off the number here and there but a good number of people. I guess it just helps those guys, on Sunday [at practice] they had a taste of it. The ones that got in deserved to get in and I hope that helps their development expedite a little bit quicker.”

  • On Clemson’s offensive struggles thus far:

“The guys they’ve recruited and developed, they have a track record of championship-level football. Overnight they just didn't not have good players. For whatever reason, we’re getting into it now, they have top-level players at all positions. We’re studying it now and making sure we can get ourselves into a position to take advantage of our opportunity come next Saturday.”

  • The rest of Fuller’s interview can be seen below:

Special teams coordinator/defensive ends coach John Papuchis

  • Coach Papuchis talks Clemson special teams, the defensive line, and young guys getting reps:

“I think the biggest frustration we’ve had, I’m sure the players feel it and from a coaching standpoint we feel it, in terms of the return game is just the lack of consistency both in whose doing it and just getting guys into a rhythm and routine.

  • The rest of Papuchis’ interview can be seen below: