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WATCH: Florida State head coach Mike Norvell’s Monday Presser

“The game ending on the last play, we were able to find success.”

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

TALLAHASSEE— Florida State head coach Mike Norvell speaks on Monday after a down to the wire victory at home against the Syracuse Orange. Norvell talks about the victory, game-winning drive, going on the road, injuries, and the player’s mentality moving forward.

The Florida State Seminoles travel to Chapel Hill to face off against the North Carolina Tar Heels who are 3-0 at home this season. Mike Norvell talks about the match up:

“You look at not only how they play but how they play at home. This team has played extremely well the last couple of years. There at home, it's a very dynamic offense that goes around a quarterback that's very talented. Defensively, it’s a unit that's going to attack and show you multiple fronts.”

Mike Norvell also talks about The Seminoles game-winning drive that ended in a field goal with one second left on the clock set up by quarterback Jordan Travis:

“We had three timeouts going into the drive, we told our players we felt we had an eternity to move the ball down the field. We started off with a dual-read screen and we were able to get a few yards and we did not want to use the time out so we went with tempo. It also gave Jordan [Travis] a great opportunity to hit a big run there on the second play, he had great downfield blocking down the field by the receivers. You always challenge your, players when is effort is going to show up on film to make the difference?”

“On Jordan’s last scramble, we got inside in very comfortable field goal range, the decision of do we want to take a risk of putting anything in jeopardy knowing you are in a good position to win the game. I felt confident where we were I knew Ryan [Fitzgerald] liked the ball on the left/left middle, so we made a decision to set him up on a play to win the game.”

The full interview can be seen below: