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WATCH: Florida State coordinators speak at Monday’s presser

“It’s something that we’re committed to doing and we will get it right.”

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles coordinators spoke on Monday to discuss the 30-33 victory over the Syracuse Orange on Saturday and to discuss the upcoming match-up against the North Carolina Tar Heels next week at 3:30 pm ET in Chapel Hill.

Offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham

Quarterback Jordan Travis finished with two touchdowns and over 200 yards combined on Saturday and took a beating for most of the game. Coach Dillingham praised Travis for his composure and toughness during the course of the match-up.

“That's a pretty tough kid, I don't think he gets enough credit for how tough he is. He got knocked down in the 30’s last week, he got up and went out there, and when he had to make a play he made a play.”

Even after praise, Dillingham still had things he wants Travis to clean up.

“He did a good job managing the perimeter when the numbers were right. In total there were four and a half plays that I listed him as a missed assignment, that I think he could improve on, whether that was patience in the pocket on some of the third downs.”

“People have to remember you're talking about a kid who’s played six maybe seven football games of his career and when he’s played in those games, one way or another we found a way to score, one way or another we’ve won more when he’s on the field.”

  • The rest of Dillingham’s interview can be seen below:

Defensive coordinator Adam Fuller

During last week's contest, the Seminole defense made a huge 4th down goal-line stand which changed the momentum of the game seemingly back to the Seminole's favor. Adam Fuller talks about the defensive effort from linebacker Kalen DeLoach and the rest of the defense to make the stop.

“That's a play they scored on earlier in the game so it was going to be the same look same motion same play. I thought we did a good job setting the edge. So it got fitted to Kalen and it was a one on one play in the hole, linebacker on a quarterback—big quarterback but Kalen stood him up, and then Sidney [Williams] got off a block— second man in, [Robert] Cooper showed up, really good effort at a critical time in the game.”

Head coach Mike Norvell announced that the Seminoles will be without starting defensive lineman Dennis Briggs Jr. today and Adam Fuller talked about what impact that has on the defensive line overall.

“Dennis was one of our most improved players from last year to this year. I really thought he was playing his best football. In the first couple of games, he was playing a lot. Anybody that is making those steps, playing a lot of .football—especially on the front where we play so many guys, you know it’s a loss and it’s part of it. We support Dennis and getting him back as soon as he can on the rehab, he will be missed but someone will take his spot and take on what he was building.”

  • The rest of coach Fuller’s interview can be seen below:

Special teams coordinator John Papuchis

The special teams unit seemed off and on last Saturday having errors in all phases. There were some good moments, however, and Coach Papuchis talks about special teams overall.

“In some cases it’s personnel. We gotta look at some different options and getting some guys some different opportunities. In other cases it's execution. Some of it’s coaching, some of it’s playing. There is a lot leading us not into being what we expect to be but it's something we are committed to doing and we will get it right.”

Coach Papuchis also highlighted his kicker Ryan Fitzgerald’s demeanor when the game was on the line and also his shoulders.

“He seemed in the moment. He seemed calm and collected. We were obviously all aware that they had a time out and he was going to get iced. He was smiling during the time out. I really like his demeanor and his approach, and every time he has had a little bit of a set back he’s answered the bell.”

  • The rest of John Papuchis’ interview can be seen below: