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The Triple Option: Film breakdown of FSU’s victory over Syracuse

Is this team rounding the corner?

The Florida State Seminoles football team edged out their first victory of the season against the Syracuse Orange.

FSU found themselves in the driver's seat for the first time all year. They got off to an early lead behind a stellar first-half defensive performance but could never gain the traction needed to separate themselves on the scoreboard. A nursed 10 point lead in the fourth quarter whittled away as Syracuse began to exploit some holes in FSU’s defense. However, FSU ultimately made the plays they needed to make to hold on to the win.

This game is conflicting. It's a huge positive that FSU was able to hold on to their first victory of the season, but missed assignments and sloppy play still prevented an entire 60-minute performance. It’s clear that this team is still finding its identity.

Some of these mistakes are hard to understand, so it helps to dive into the film and try to diagnose what actually happened. That's why we have the Triple Option team. Each and every week they go through and tell the tale of the tape.