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WATCH: McDonald, Helton, Cooper talk Cuse win after Tuesday’s practice

“It feels good, like a sense of relief for the program because now we know we can win the tight games.”

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

Florida State football opened North Carolina game week with practice this morning. The Seminoles worked inside the indoor practice facility for all of practice on a rainy day in Tallahassee. After practice, wide receiver Keyshawn Helton, tight end Camren McDonald, and defensive tackle Robert Cooper each spoke to the media. Both Helton and McDonald hauled in touchdowns in FSU’s 33-30 win over the Syracuse Orange. Cooper was second on the team with seven total tackles. Here’s some of what each had to say:

Helton: “I think it was really important for me gaining confidence for myself. Knowing that I can still make plays on the football, it was a big game for me.”

“A lot of it was a mindset thing. A lot of it was I feel actually healthy. This past week was the first week was the first week I actually felt healthy for four weeks.”

For Helton’s full interview, see below:

McDonald: “It just felt good to get in the win column. Now, we’re going to try to string them together with back-to-back wins. It feels good, like a sense of relief for the program because now we know we can win tight games.”

“A lot of our games have come to the last play and just haven’t gone in our favor. This one happened to go in our favor... feeling good around the program right now.”

For McDonald’s full interview, see below:

Cooper: “It always feels good when you get your first when of the year. Just need to keep working from that point and only good things can come from that as long as everyone keeps working from that mindset.”

“Me and Briggs, we working out a lot in the offense. I’ve seen him grow. Hearing what happened, I’m hurting for him, but we all know he’s going to come back even better.

For Cooper’s full interview, see below: