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WATCH: Mike Norvell reviews up-and-down Wednesday practice

“There were some ups and downs in practice that I wasn’t really pleased with.”

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

Florida State football had their second practice of North Carolina game week this morning. Head coach Mike Norvell was not pleased with his team when he spoke to the media after the practice. Norvell said there lapses that caused an up-and-down day. Here’s some of what the head coach had to say:

“We got some good work situationally. There were some ups and downs in practice that I wasn’t really pleased with. We had some tense moments of some great competition. All in all, there were times when we had lapses in focus and communication. When that occurs, we’ve seen the results of that throughout the course of the season.”

“The challenge is on us to respond and to make sure we be more consistent. But all in all, I thought we got a good work day, but I want better.”

“If you want to be a consistent football team, you gotta show up consistently. We’re going to have a standard of how we operate and that’s what has to occur throughout the week.”

“Malik (McClain) is a very talented young man. He’s growing up day-by-day. Learning from experiences and I love his competitiveness. I have not seen him have a down day... that man comes to work every day. I like seeing the steps he’s making and the confidence he’s gaining.”

For Norvell’s full Wednesday press conference, see below: