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“We didn’t flinch:” FSU players talk win over Miami

“Coach trusted us, so we just stepped up to the plate.”

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

On Norvell’s confidence in the team

Jammie Robinson: When we saw the field goal team go out, we didn’t flinch. We knew we’d get the ball, we knew we’d get the stop

Keir Thomas: Coach trusted us, so we just stepped up to the plate

Jordan Travis: I trust Coach Norvell and I trust the defense — they stepped up big, made big plays and got us the ball back.

On Jermaine Johnson’s performance vs. Miami

Robinson: That man does everything — speaking as me as a DB, him and the whole d-line stepping up, that helps create opportunities for us

Thomas: He approaches everything like a pro. We talk before the game, telling each other, “go make a play.”

On Miami’s fluky touchdown play

Robinson: It is what it is, we moved on and kept pushing

On persevering through adversity

Thomas: Coach puts us in a lot of challenging situations in practice, because that’s what he preaches, adversity is gonna come. We get everybody’s best, week in and week out. There were a lot of ups and downs in this game and we stayed focused.

Robinson: Our games always come down to the small things and the little things that Coach talks about. Tonight we were on the same page, synced up, and got the win.

Travis: There was nobody hanging their head. They had confidence in me and I had confidence in them.

On fan noise and environment

Thomas: [sings Warchant] We went out with a bang — we got the best fans in the nation.

On fourth and 14 play

Andrew Parchment: I just want to thank my teammates and coaches for having my back all year, Jordan threw it perfect and it was just like we drew it up

Full interviews with all players will be posted when available