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The Triple Option: FSU vs. Miami Film Review

How did FSU pull off their big time win?

The Florida State Seminoles defeated the Miami Hurricanes by a score of 31-28.

The Seminoles came out firing in the first half and they jumped out to a 17-0 lead off of the back of a few big turnovers. Miami cut the gap to 20-7 before the half. In the third quarter, Miami managed to continue building on their momentum, taking the lead going into the final quarter. However, FSU fought back and managed to get the lead with only a few seconds left on the clock to close out the rivalry victory.

A few things stood out about this game.


  • The offense’s gameplan was comprehensive and built upon itself
  • The counter-action by the line played with the eyes of Miami’s defense and opened up running lanes
  • Miami made adjustments in the second half to blow up the counter run and slow down FSU’s rushing attack


  • The defensive line dominated and allowed the linebackers to play more out in space
  • The safeties played aggressive and low to take away Miami’s bread and butter glance route
  • There are some real solid young pieces on the secondary between Brownlee, Cooper, and Knowles

If you want a chance to see how some of these concepts played out on the field or just want to rewatch a big rivalry victory for FSU then join the guys from the Triple Option as they take a deep dive into the film.