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The Triple Option: Film Review of FSU’s loss to Clemson

Breaking down the good and bad from FSU’s performance in Death Valley

The Florida State Seminoles fell to the Clemson Tigers last Saturday by a score of 30-20 but the score doesn’t tell the full story.

This was a back and forth game and it looked like what a lot of people outside of either fanbase figured it would look like. A relatively low-scoring kind of messy football game.

Clemson’s defense is elite and it did what elite defenses do: defend. For the most part, outside of a few chunk plays, FSU really couldn’t get much going with the ball in their hands.

On the other side of the ball, a cursory glance at the score would tell you that FSU’s defense failed spectacularly. Thirty points are the most given up by any Division 1 team against the Tigers this year.

It seems like FSU failed on all levels this past Saturday. However, the true story isn’t that cut and dry. That's where the Triple Option guys come into play. They are here to slice through the narratives and uncover the truth that only the film can provide.