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Florida State vs. Boston College: Offensive recap, breakdown, analysis

Officiating shenanigans muddies an otherwise solid performance

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles offense jumped out to an early lead yesterday against the Boston College Eagles before stagnating in the second half — or so it seemed. Signal caller Jordan Travis played very well and in the 2nd and 3rd quarters was especially accurate. Travis is clearly this team’s best option at QB and with Chubba Purdy in the transfer portal the job is Travis’ for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately for this one, the referees decided to become the story of the game and robbed FSU’s players of what should have been a solid multi-score win. It’s one thing for a game to be poorly officiated, but the questionable calls were so frequent and transparently one-sided that one has to question whether this crew deserves to be suspended. At one point Mike Norvell was incensed and lit into the refs during a TV timeout and I don’t think anyone would have blamed him had he gotten suspended for the referee shenanigans.

It was so bad it brought up memories of the 2011 FSU-Miami game. That game also ended with an FSU win that was made much closer by the refs than it ever had any right to be.

No one wants to talk about the refs like this, but you can’t tell the story of the game without it. FSU’s offense moved the ball extremely well for the two and a half quarters but their momentum died in the middle of the third quarter thanks to help from the referees and an injury to Darius Washington.

First Quarter

  • BC playing man coverage, Jordan Wilson playing well, big block on TD. FSU with lots of unbalanced sets (nub end or TE with trips to the other side), moving Travis around by rolling the pocket.
  • ’Noles with 4.2 yards per play on 17 plays. Not great but not bad, but an early questionable call brought back a big play where Wilson got FSU down to the four. Running game struggled to get going early, with 19 yards on 9 carries for just 2.1 yards per attempt.
  • It became obvious early that the Eagles’ undersized defensive line was largely outmatched by FSU up front. Even OZ runs are working. FSU 1/2 on third downs.

FSU 7, BC 0

Second Quarter

  • BC struggling to tackle. FSU attacking them on the edge in run and pass game. BC’s DL struggling to contain Travis. Another very good block by Jordan Wilson on FSU’s 2nd TD.
  • After big 4th down stand FSU goes for the throat with motion wheel to Wilson for 40 yards.
  • Two bad penalties erased a 4th and inches opportunity and forced FSU to punt when Norvell wanted to go for it. First Gibbons false starts and then Mo Smith botches the snap. Brutal.
  • Travis is throwing the ball really well right now, on time and accurately, but FSU can’t get the one play it needs to punch it into the end zone before halftime. FSU has left a lot of points on the field even though they’re dominating this game.
  • FSU with a whopping 7.6 yards per play this quarter on 21 plays despite going 0/3 on third downs and 0/1 on fourth down. Much better rushing the ball this quarter, gaining 58 yards on 10 carries.

FSU outscored BC 12-3 this quarter


  • Total yards per play in the 1st half: 6.1. 231 total yards of offense. Travis with 154 yards passing.
  • Went 1/5 on third downs.

FSU 19, BC 3

Third Quarter

  • FSU usually getting whatever it wants on offense. Travis throws a dime on back shoulder to Parchment but it’s dropped. But then Treshaun Ward picks up a dime to move the chains and then Malik McClain high points the ball in the back of the end zone for a spectacular touchdown. FSU keeping their foot on the gas coming out of halftime.
  • Just continuing to dominate BC on the ground. Running OZ, tons of counter, read option, etc. Joke of a call by the refs on Darius Washington being off the line of scrimmage from a drop pass set that kills a converted 4th down attempt. BC ran exact same OL set and it wasn’t called. Refs inserting themselves into the game.
  • FSU racked up an incredible 8 yards per play, but only managed 7 points. Probably because they only had the ball for 15 plays. Running game at its peak, rushing for 45 yards on just 6 carries for 7.5 yards per. Travis had 75 yards on 9 attempts for a very good 8.33 ypa.

FSU and BC both scored 7 this quarter

Fourth Quarter

  • Through three quarters FSU had 351 yards of total offense at a 6.6 ypp clip. In the fourth quarter they would rack up 14 total yards on 12 plays for 1.2 ypp.
  • Refs have ensured this is a one-score game. FSU up 3 with just less than 10 min left. Offense has really died in the fourth quarter. Multiple short-yardage downs and they can’t convert.
  • Refs killed a fourth down conversion on a phantom penalty that forced FSU to punt. While FSU definitely made mistakes that hurt themselves, it wasn’t so much an offensive meltdown as it was some bad offense plus the refs making a concerted effort to get BC back in the game.
  • Travis went 2/6 for 22 yards while FSU had 6 rushes for -8 yards.
  • FSU went 0/3 on third down and 0/1 on fourth down. FSU held the ball for just 5 minutes and punted twice.

FSU got outscored this quarter 0 to 13

End of Game

Final score: FSU 26, BC 23

  • Total average yards per play: 5.6 on 65 plays. BC went for just 4.2 ypp but had ten more total plays.
  • Third and Fourth downs: 2/10 on third downs, 0/2 on fourth downs. It’s a good thing FSU was explosive, as they really couldn’t execute in critical situations (except that one fourth down they did execute). Their avg yards to go on 3rd downs was just 6.2 but only gained an average of 2 ypp.
  • FSU ran for 114 yards on 31 carries. However, the sack-adjusted rushing average was 5.1. Their rushing success rate was 50% and their stuffed rate was 26%. However, they were disappointing in short yardage, going just 1/4 in conversion attempts that were 2 yards or less to go.
  • Travis finished 20/34 for 251 yards, 3 TDs, zero INTs, His sack-adjusted yards per attempt was 6. He went 10/12 in passes less than 5 yards, 6/12 from 5-14 yards and 4/10 in attempts 15 yards and greater.
  • FSU had 14 total explosive plays for 262 yards.
  • Offensive MVP: Has to be Jordan Travis. He took care of the ball and hit big plays when they needed to.