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WATCH: Florida State head coach Mike Norvell talks Florida rivalry, team health

“You can prepare all you want but in the moment you have got to go apply it.”

FSU v Clemson Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell spoke today following a week of good practices building off what he said was one of the best he’s had so far yesterday. The Seminoles go on the road down to Gainesville, FL. to take on the Florida Gators this Saturday and Norvell and his players are eager to participate in this bitter rivalry. The health of the team he said is good overall but that some players might be game time decisions.

  • “I think we’re tracking well. There’s a couple of guys that will be game time decisions and we will see where that ends up at. When you get to this point in the year it’s always a challenge. We’ve faced a lot of moving pieces throughout the season and it won't be any different this week.”

With Thanksgiving coming up the team will still practice on Thursday. Norvell said nothing will change however, they will have a team meal after practice.

  • “There won't be anything different when it comes to preparation, meetings. We will have a Thanksgiving meal with the team right after practice which I always love. It’s a great opportunity for guys to be together, get a chance to share things they're grateful for and I’m grateful to be a part of this group and all of the work they’ve put in.”

Coach Norvell’s full interview can be seen below: