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WATCH: Jermaine Johnson and Jordan Travis speak ahead of Saturday’s showdown in Gainesville

“I feel like everything has led up to this game right here, it’s time to put it together.”

Florida State v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis and defensive end Jermaine Johnson II spoke to the media Wednesday after practice. With the end of the season nearing and a possible bowl game on the line the players seemed ready and confident to head down to the Swamp and take on the Florida Gators.

Travis spoke on the improvement the team has shown, the upcoming road game against the Gators, his receiving corps, and taking the next step:

  • “We’re taking that next step I believe. We are growing each week, growing each day. You see guys that didn't have the positive mindset at the beginning of the year come with a positive mindset every single day. The energy is there every single day. It’s really special and it makes easy to go out to practice and have a good time.”

Travis’ full interview can be seen below:

Team sack leader Jermaine Johnson spoke about focusing on themselves after starting off 0-4 and the opportunity to win out the state of Florida and make a bowl game:

  • “We have an opportunity to make history so I think that motivates us all and not to mention it’s a huge rivalry. We’re halfway to winning the the state and I'm pretty confident that we will do that.”

Johnson on the atmosphere the team is going to face in Gainesville:

  • “I love it. It just feeds into me. I love it when people doubt me and my teammates. It’s something I feed off of individually and I think it’s something our team feeds off of—being the under dog.”

The rest of Johnson’s interview can be seen below: