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FSU vs. UF: Offense breakdown, stats, thoughts

Too little, too late for the Seminoles vs. the Gators.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminole offense struggled during Saturday's loss to the Florida Gators leaving their regular season and bowl game aspirations in the past. They were restricted in the run game and what they were able to get going through the air was hampered by quarterback Jordan Travis’ shoulder injury that lingered and took him out of the game for at least three drives. The Seminoles lost by three points (21-24) attempting a fourth-quarter rally that was ultimately derailed by a missed on-side kick attempt by kicker Parker Grothaus.

First quarter

Early on in the first quarter was where the offense lost its footing. Jordan Travis went down after about 10 offensive plays into the game with what appeared to be a shoulder injury prompting backup quarterback McKenzie Milton to go under center. Florida State’s first of three turnovers came from Milton not setting his feet before throwing and being intercepted by UF’s Rashaad Torrence.

  • Total yards, 20
  • Average yards per play. 1.4
  • Time of possession, 7:43
  • 3rd down conversions, 1-4

Florida State 0, UF 7

Second quarter

Third-string quarterback Tate Rodemaker gets the nod to enter the game at the start of the second and was only in for a drive hindered by offensive pass interference on receiver Andrew Parchment. The Seminole's first score of the game came after Travis returned and was able to move the ball downfield and aided by defensive penalties, he was able to scramble into the end zone from 15-yards out.

  • Total yards, 106
  • Average yards per play, 7.7
  • Time of possession, 05:47
  • Third down conversions, 0-1
  • Total plays 14

Florida State 7, UF 7

Third quarter

Coming out of the half the ‘Noles got the ball to begin with. Their first drive was hampered with a false start by offensive lineman Dillan Gibbons who, earlier in the game, had another crucial drive-killing penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. It seemed the only way the offense could run the ball was if it was with Travis on designed runs or scrambles. Travis threw his first pick of the game resulting in points to end the quarter.

  • Total yards, 63
  • Average yards per play, 5.3
  • Time of possession, 05:34
  • Third down conversions, 0-2
  • Total plays, 12

Florida State 7, UF 17

Fourth quarter

The Seminole run game started to pick up in the fourth opening up the passing game tremendously which probably won't show up in the stat sheet. There was almost an even amount of rushing yards (80) compared to passing yards (77.) The 80 yards on the ground was more than the first three quarters combined. (Quarters one and three combined for a total of 5-rushing yards.) Running back Treshaun Ward was able to score on the ground and receiver Ontaria Wilson through the air.

  • Total yards, 157
  • Average yards per play, 6
  • Time of possession, 07:58
  • Third down conversions, 4-5
  • Total plays, 26
  • Offensive MVP: Jordan Travis 18-29 for 202 yards and one touchdown along with rushing for 102 yards and another.

Florida State 21, UF 24

Despite a valiant effort the Noles came up short hindered by offensive penalties, injuries, and the inability to get the ball moving on the ground until the fourth quarter. That, paired with some special teams blunders, failing to capitalize on three interceptions, and multiple unsportsmanlike conduct calls on both sides of the ball led to too many missed opportunities for points.

*An interesting stat to note is that the offensive line only gave up one sack the entire game.