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Florida State Wednesday practice report: NC State week

The energy remains high.

FSU v Clemson Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The Florida State Seminoles opened up the Albert J. Dunlap practice facility with high energy in preparation for the NC State Wolfpack this Saturday. Shouts and yells flooded over the music following the taps and chants of the Warchant.

Tempo 11 vs. 11

The energy seemed to be almost too high starting off with a couple of incompletions by quarterback McKenzie Milton and a false start on the offense. Defensive back Akeem Dent then drew a pass interference flag moving the offense 15. Milton was able to find wide receiver Jordan Young for about 10-yards and then wide receiver Darion Williamson for another 10. The drive seemed to be going well for the offense until defensive back Kevin Knowles picked off Milton in the end zone to end the drive.

11 vs. 11

  • Milton was able to find wide receiver Malik McClain in the middle of the field for a first down after he put a little juke move on Dent before the play was called dead.
  • Defensive tackle Fabian Lovett was able to get pressure blowing through the right guard disrupting the timing of Milton’s throw that fell incomplete.
  • Quarterback Tate Rodemaker tried to find wide receiver Kentron Poitier on a crossing route but linebacker Emmett Rice was able to read the play and get his arm in just in time to break up the pass.
  • Wide receiver Ontaria Wilson made an interesting catch transitioning to a goal-line drill. Wilson was able to catch the ball one-handed behind his back palming it upside down.
  • At the goal line, Milton handed the ball off to running back Jashaun Corbin up the middle but ultimately got stuffed by linebacker Kalen Deloach.
  • Running back Treshaun Ward ran a nice angle route and Milton was able to get the ball to him. Coach Norvell shouted, “Nice route!” and praised Ward.

1 vs 1

  • Wide receiver Jordan Young was able to draw a pass interference call with defensive back Jammie Robinson in coverage. Defensive backs coach Marcus Woodson was able to give some coaching and as the two players were walking off you could see Young showing Robinson why it was called.
  • Tight end Jackson West has had more drops today as opposed to yesterday. I don't think he was pulled from the 1 vs. 1 drill but after a drop in the end zone and speaking to an assistant, he swapped with tight end’s Jordan Wilson and Preston Daniel and moved to a different drill.
  • Wide receiver Darion Williamson was able to make a nice catch on defensive back Renardo Green. Just like with Rice, Green is slowly getting worked back into the rotation.

7 on 7

  • Rodemaker had a nice completion to wide receiver Kentron Poitier leaning into the throw that zipped across the middle of the field.
  • Jammie Robinson made some clacks and thuds breaking up a pass intended for wide receiver Ontaria Wilson.
  • Defensive back Shyheim Brown got some coaching from defensive coordinator Adam Fuller for a missed tackle but later he cleaned up a block from wide receiver Malik McClain taking everyone out of the play. Fuller praised him on effort but the intensity might’ve been too much for practice.

Overall it was a good Wednesday. Head coach Mike Norvell was pleased in his post-practice interview with the way the week has gone. The energy was there, almost too much at times and the players are still giving their full effort.