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FSU vs. NC State: Seminoles being shut out at the half.

‘Noles are 0-8 on third down.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Score: Florida State 0-14 NC State

FSU offensive player of the half: Uhhh, N/A. FSU’s offense is severely missing Jordan Travis today. The Seminoles have absolutely nothing going in the running game. Jashaun Corbin is FSU’s leading rusher with nine yards on eight carries. They’re averaging 0.8 yards per rush as a team. Milton is 7-15 for 79 yards and has thrown an interception. The ‘Noles have punted six times.

FSU defensive player of the half: Kalen Deloach has been all over the field for the Seminoles. He made two open field tackles late in the half to force fourth downs. He has five total tackles and .5 tackles for loss.

Key stat: The Seminoles are 0-8 on first down. They’ve averaged 8.1 yards to go on third down. They’re also 0-2 on third-and-short. FSU’s six first down runs have gone for a combined five yards.

FSU: 78 yards / 28 plays / 12:37 TOP

NC State: 224 yards / 34 plays / 17:23 TOP

Full Box score:

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