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Kenny Dillingham speaks on offense’s performance vs. NC State

“I think the full variety that Jordan (Travis) brings us makes us a difficult offense to defend.”

Syndication: Tallahassee Democrat Alicia Devine/Tallahassee Democrat / USA TODAY NETWORK

Florida State football’s offense has struggled over the past two weeks. Against Clemson, the offense mustered thirteen points. Without Jordan Travis versus NC State, the offense produced just fourteen points and was shut out in the first half. Florida State’s offense will look to get back on track this week against the Miami Hurricanes. Today, offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham met with the media to discuss the offense’s performance vs. NC State. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“First half, we were struggling to move them. We made a drastic change. Just started folding everything against the odd stack.”

“They did exactly what we thought they would do on every single snap. They were a team that literally played eight defenses and a master at those eight defenses.”

“They came out and pretty much whooped our butts in the first half. They don’t let you run the football.”

“That’s what football comes down to, the one-on-ones and finding your best matchups. It’s our job as coaches to help those guys be successful.”

“Challenges, (Miami) is super talented. From a talent level, it’s Clemson then Miami from a pure talent standpoint.”

“I think the full variety that Jordan (Travis) brings us makes us a difficult offense to defend.”

“You just tell them the truth and you’re honest with them. That’s how we recruit and that’s how we handle our players.”

“I would feel comfortable with (Tate Rodemaker) in a game right now. That’s a guy who has continually gotten better... I’d have great confidence if he went in the game.”