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The Triple Option: Picking up the pieces after ESD

Plus some film review of FSU’s top incoming players

Florida State football had a bittersweet week last week. While they stand far above their peers in Florida when it comes to the Early Signing Day recruiting haul, there are many that feel like the failure to bring in a few key recruits is a signal for a lack of investment into this program.

However, there is still a lot of talent that will be making its way to Tallahassee in the coming season. Sam McCall, Azareyeh Thomas, and Julian Armella are three guys that still haven’t received the full scouting treatment from our own film crew of the Triple Option.

This is a time of needed decompression. As the holidays draw nearer and ESD fades into the past its seemed timely to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly of FSU’s future- whether it’s the immediate impact of these top recruits or the pitfalls that may await the program as we roll further into the NIL era.