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Florida State football offseason changes: Who is staying, leaving

FSU should see some roster changes in the next couple of weeks.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State Seminoles football has started its offseason, and with it has come the time for players to announce their intentions for the upcoming year.

Already a busy time since the introduction of the transfer portal, the addition of an extra year of eligibility for athletes after the pandemic has increased the need for roster management for programs and personal decisions for players.

There’s a multitude of Florida State Seminoles who are weighing the decision on if they should return to Tallahassee, whether that’s for greener pastures at another program or to attempt a shot at an NFL career.

We’ll be tracking which players are heading back and who is departing as the offseason unfolds.*

*Players who have exhausted their eligibility or entered the transfer portal before the season ended have not been included


12/2: Defensive tackle Robert Cooper


12/1: Offensive tackle Jalen Goss (Portal)

12/2: Offensive guard Ira Henry (Portal)

12/3: Linebacker DeCalon Brooks (NFL)

12/5: Tight end Carter Boatwright (Portal)

12/6: Linebacker Jaleel McRae (Portal)

12/7: Linebacker Jayion McCluster (Portal)

12/7: Defensive tackle Tru Thompson (Portal)

12/7: Linebacker Emmett Rice (NFL)