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What do you wanna see from FSU graphics and social media? They’re listening

Countdown graphics presumably not on the docket

FSU Football

Florida State Seminoles football is in the midst of rebuilding itself in all aspects — today it was announced that the Seminole Boosters had reached their $100 million goal in pledges — and FSU social media and graphic design, already improved in the last few years, is looking to get in on the fun.

Klayton Campell, part of the graphic design team at FSU, lobbed out this question earlier today, looking for feedback:

We retweeted it and got a few suggestions, but figured we’d open things up to everybody who might not have seen it — what would you like to see from FSU’s social media accounts going forward? What do you think they should be putting an emphasis on? We’ll be sure to send suggestions (that wouldn’t get us barred from covering Florida State athletics) along to the team assuming they aren’t dedicated avid readers of this fine digital publication.