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Kenny Dillingham puts out APB for coaching clinic

FSU coach meets coaches where they are

NCAA Football: Auburn A-Day John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Announcer: What’s wrong, coach?

Coach: Oh, I don’t know. My offense is bland. I want to spice it up but I don’t know how.

Announcer: Hahaha, well that’s easy enough.

Coach: It is?

Announcer: Sure! At Kenny D’s we have what your offense needs.

Stunts blocking you up? Call Kenny!

Can’t figure out the cover 3? Call Kenny!

Just want to try something new? Call Kenny!

At Kenny D’s we’ve got sweeps, we’ve got reverses, we’ve got hooks, we’ve got seams and so much more!

Kenny D’s: Made for playmakers!

All kidding aside this is a great move by FSU offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham.

While the ‘Noles have done well on the recruiting trail as of late they still have not been able to get out and build relationships with Florida high school coaches and this is a great way to do so. It’s likely a Zoom call that Coach Dillingham and other FSU coaches and assistants can take part in.

Putting it on Twitter also opens things up to high school coaches the staff has little to no relationship with. This is also good for staff recruiting as it allows them to explore potential future assistants.

Interested in Coach Kenny Dillingham’s School for Coaches Who Want to Coach Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too? Reach out to the young man on Twitter