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Watch: Seminole Boosters releases Tour of Duty hype video

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Mike Norvell rallies his team in the clip

Seminole Boosters, Inc.

The Florida State Seminoles Boosters, the fundraising arm of FSU athletics, has been making a big push recently for new donors and contributions as part of its One Tribe campaign.

Here’s what it’s looking to fund and improve as part of the campaign:

Your contributions help support the following areas of athletics and are critical to the overall success—on and off the field—to our student athletes.

Sports Medicine – Health, Prevention and Rehabilitation:

-Investment $3.5M

Staff – 15 Full-time trainers, 11 GA/Interns

Nutrition – Wellness/Energy/Performance

-Investment $675k

Staff – 2 full-time dieticians

Personalized nutrition plans

Professional Development – Molding good citizens/understanding their role in society/career planning

-Investment $380k

Staff – 3 full-time, 2 GAs

Leadership, career, and personal development and training

Strength and Conditioning – Preparation/Injury Prevention/Performance:

-Investment $650k

Staff – 13 full-time strength coaches

Eight training rooms

Coaches – Leaders, Mentors, Execution:

-Investment $18M

Staff – 16 head coaches, 36 assistant coaches

COVID-19 – Health, Safety:

-Investment $2M

Testing, PPE, medical services, sanitization

Scholarships – Educational Opportunities, Room and Board, Books:

-Investment $11.6M annually.

246.2 scholarships for 500 student-athletes

301 All-ACC performers in 2019-2020

Equipment – Tools for Practice and Conditioning:

-$1.2M (plus Nike)

6 full time staff

Florida State has already hit its 100 million dollar goal of the Unconquered Campaign; this could soon mean that it will be time to break ground on the football on facility that you see at most top programs around the country.

As the 2021 season approaches, the Boosters released a hype video of the Seminoles’ offseason workouts, known as Tour of Duty:

You can get more info on the Boosters campaign here.