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The Triple Option: Film review of the 2021 recruiting class part 1

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Starting the countdown to the most exciting prospect in the class

Florida State Football Head Coach Mike Norvell was not dealt the best hand when he showed up in Tallahassee. There were players from 3 different staffs who all had different philosophies and preferred coaching styles. In order for Norvell to get some sense of cohesion on the team, he knew that there would have to be a lot of roster turnover. So there was.

Roster turnover means two things. Firstly players leave but secondly, new players have to come in and replace them. That's where the 2021 recruiting class comes in. While the class looks mediocre on paper, barely squeezing into the top 25, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. There were only 2 teams that took less high school talent than FSU. The ‘Noles focused a lot of their effort on the transfer portal which doesn’t factor into the 247 rankings. This means that the kids they brought in have talent. Norvell wasn’t looking to waste scholarships on kids who couldn’t contribute.

So what can FSU fans expect with this class? The guys at the Triple Option aren’t going to just tell you but they’re going to show you by breaking down the players’ high school highlight tapes. In this first video in a two part series the breakdown is focused on the 10th-6th most anticipated players of the class.

Join us next week when we round out the class and discuss the top 5 most anticipated players in the 2021 recruiting class.