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Senior linebacker Emmett Rice to miss “extended period” with injury

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Norvell spoke with the media Thursday

Don Juan Moore

Redshirt senior linebacker Emmet Rice will miss a significant amount of time with an injury, Florida State Seminoles head coach Mike Norvell said Thursday — though didn’t specify the ailment.

“Emmett went down the other day. We’re looking, going through the process of exactly where that is at. Will probably be out for a little while, probably an extended period. We’re going to wait to get all that before we talk about what that looks like.”

Rice spoke with the media two weeks ago and was optimistic about the potential of growth during spring.

“Having a second year with the same group of guys, same scheme and everybody’s more comfortable. Last spring when the coaches first got here, they were walking on eggshells. They didn’t know how to motivate you or how to say what gets you going to work harder. They tried to coach the best they could, but now it’s like you’re more of a family as far as distant cousins. So you can push those buttons, you can come at somebody about how they’re working or you can talk to them and they won’t take it no kind of way.”