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Seminole Wrap: FSU sports weekend roundup

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Catch up on on a busy weekend for Florida State

Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

Well, that was a packed weekend of FSU sports, huh?

Florida State Seminoles basketball faced off against Michigan in the Sweet 16, FSU baseball battled Wake Forest in Tallahassee riding a winning streak and football took Bobby Bowden Field for its second scrimmage of the spring.

To recap those sports, as well as updates on FSU’s other currently competing programs including volleyball and softball, Tim Alumbaugh is joined by Perry Kostidakis and Juan Montalvo as they share thoughts on the Seminoles’ loss to the Wolverines, parrot Brett Nevitt’s baseball coverage, talk the second scrimmage (and why you should both not overreact and what you should be concerned about) and more.

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