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Player Profile: Defensive back Jammie Robinson’s ability to affect the game

The buck stops here

I am not sure that I am smart enough to write a player profile and I have already written a scouting report on Jammie “Jam Jam” Robinson.

(That’s right, I have dubbed Jammie “Jam Jam.” )

Keep reading and you shall find out why “Jam Jam” has become a thing in my head. Most player profiles are going to give you the backstory and interesting quips about a player.

What would a football coach be doing writing such a story about one of his new favorite football players though?* This instead is going to be the Jammie profile on how he fits the Adam Fuller defense.

*editor’s note: especially when AB is barely literate. I would be scared of him coming after me for this, but again, he cannot read.

The issues last year were well documented and discussed on the FSU defense but times are changing. The issues started on the boundary side of the defense and ended in the slot. Enter “Jam Jam” and his ability to fill multiple holes, but especially the slot nickel. It takes a specific skill set to defend the slot and tackle the ball in space and Robinson possesses such skill.

Let's take a look at it.

Nickel Defender

Fit the run

Often overlooked when discussing nickel defenders is their run game responsibility. Nickel defenders have to fit off the edge and often are forced to take on blockers from multiple angles. You see “Jam Jam” inserted into the box and fitting off the edge against a fullback. Keeping his outside arm free, Robinson is able to defeat the block, and make a play in space. This is an impressive clip of a nickel defender against the run. This is one area where Robinson makes the FSU defense immediately better.

Tackling the ball with attitude

“Didn’t you just mention tackling coach?”

Well yes, I did, but, this time I mean tackling slot receivers when they catch the ball. This also can be tackling someone else’s receiver after they catch the ball (you’ll see what I mean). Are you picturing Tutu Atwell running for 500 yards after the catch? Fear not cause “Jam Jam” is one of the best nickel defenders at stopping the ball after it is caught. Robinson is also one of those physical dudes often looking to put his nose on the ball. You have to love players who will come up and put their hat on the ball and make sure it gets down.

Right now you probably think you are going to get a clip of Robinson tackling a WR he’s covering? You are wrong!

I love this play because Robinson comes at Etienne like a heat-seeking missile. He has a reckless abandon about his game that Seminole fans are going to love.

Plus, who doesn’t like seeing Clemson players get rocked?

Coverage skills

Modern offenses love to attack space and we know that space can often be found on the seams or behind linebackers. It’s important that your nickel defender be able to play that space well and Robinson has shown that he can. While he does give up receptions he often tackles the ball right away which is a positive. If you are giving up short throws at a high rate you will typically be okay.

See below as Jammie is covering the slot and defends the post route well. A physical presence in the run and against the pass is something FSU has lacked in the slot since Lamarcus Joyner.

While this is not a classic player profile it was important for me to put my own coaching touch on things. Jammie “Jam Jam” Robinson was a big get for the FSU defense and a player I expect will step in and excel.

Good slot defense can really put things over the top and is a necessity in today’s game. Robinson is the key to the 2021 defense and I expect him to be up for the challenge.