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Spring Notebook: Norvell, Storms talk before FSU kicks practice

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FSU’s head coach and strength and conditioning guru talk before the start of spring practice

2020 Spring Practice #3 Brett Nevitt

Update, 12:10 PM

Mike Norvell was as excited as he’s ever been in a press conference today. The head coach was pleased with FSU’s approach to work outs the last few months and ready to see how it translates to the field. In his opening statement, he said, “I think the leadership we’ve seen throughout our program has been really good. The approach to the work has been the biggest improvement I’ve seen.”

Florida State did a great job in the transfer portal early in the off-season. Doing that quick work is already paying off for the Seminoles, on and off the field. On the transfers, Norvell said, “Being able to add those seven transfers in January... I think that’s been extroardinary. Excited about those guys and the examples that they’ve been since they joined the program.”

The crowned jewel of that class was McKenzie Milton. Norvell said the quarterback is fully cleared for spring practices and was able to go through all aspects of workouts the past couple months. On Milton, he said, “It’s been a joy watching him. I told him at the beginning, communication is the key. He’s wanted to go through all aspects and show the team that he’s a part of it. It’s been remarkable watching him.”

The head coach also mentioned Chubba Purdy will be full speed this spring. Jordan Travis is over 200 pounds and “flying around.” Norvell expects the quarterback room to be ‘special.’ He said, “ These guys are working together, they’re pushing each other. I’m so excited about their future and the competition. They’re there encouraging, teaching. It’s going to be a special room.”

Norvell was extremely pleased with the development of running back Jashaun Corbin. Corbin wasn’t a full participant last winter and spring coming off an injury at Texas A&M, but has been a leader for the ‘Noles through workouts this year. “I think Jashaun Corbin has been a star of our off-season program. This spring has been remarkable. He’s close to 215 pounds, but he’s flying around the field.”

Update, 12:15 PM

Strength and conditioning coach Josh Storms was also pleased with the Seminoles’ approach to workouts this year. He mentioned that the approach to the work has been the biggest difference from year one to year two. “The biggest difference is how these guys approach the work every day coming in. They’re going to expect to be challenged, but they have the confidence that the coaches aren’t going to put something in front of them that they can’t succeed.”

Storms is looking forward to his first full off-season with this group. He believes it will be a game-changer for FSU on the field. On having a full off-season, Storms said, “That’s a game changer for us. There’s a ton of excitement surrounding that. Looking forward to having a full true summer camp leading into the fall this year. Last year we lost in excess 30% of our training weeks.”

This winter and spring, we’ve seen multiple clips from the weight room of guys posting big numbers and celebrating with their teammates. Storms said that excitement for each other is key to their development of brotherhood. “It’s been awesome to see this winter. It’s been a focus of ours, building that brotherhood. Being just as excited as your brother’s progress as you are about your own. Sometimes that added strength is the difference between failure and success.”

When asked about Corbin and his development, Storms echoed much of what Norvell said. On Corbin, he said, “Jashaun is a stud. He’s ultra, ultra dependable. Ultra consistent in what he does, all-around type of guy.”

Storms has emphasized not just physical strength and toughness, but also mental since he got to Florida State. The approach that FSU’s players take everyday is key to how that mental toughness develops. “It’s from showing up every day and doing the work. mental toughness comes from how you show up and approach the day. It’s not you that matters, it’s the task at hand that matters.”

It’s been a few long months, but we’re back today on the verge of some Florida State Seminoles football taking place once more.

FSU kicks off spring practice next week, so today, we’ll be hearing from head coach Mike Norvell as well as strength and conditioning coach Josh Storms. The two are expected to talk the offseason’s Tour of Duty workout regimen, expectations heading to and out of spring, differences from last year to now and more.

“It was a challenging year in all aspects, not only for people that are playing in college athletics but for people that are just living in normal day to day lives,” Norvell said in an exclusive interview with us earlier this year.

“We all have an opportunity to respond for what this year was and to learn from those experiences and hopefully have a greater appreciation for the lives that we get to live and, and the opportunities that are in front of us. And that’s, you know, for this team in this program. You know, I am excited about some of the things that characteristically we’ve been able to establish — what we’re going to stand for and what we’re going to be about.”

As always, we’ll be providing updates in the comment section and on Twitter.