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Seminole Wrap: FSU spring preview, roster breakdown, Noles sports

Christmas in March.

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

It’s finally here — in about 24 hours, Florida State Seminioles football will be taking the field at the Dunlap Practice Facility for the first day of spring camp.

After breaking down each position group in our spring preview series, we’re diving a little bit further into each player, offering our takes on the articles our wonderful Tomahawk Nation compatriots have put out over the last week. Who are the projected starters at each position? Who are the names to know and watch for as spring unfolds? Who is even on the team anymore since like 40% of the roster has flipped?

We’re here to walk you through it and make you just a bit smarter (and also just a bit stupider, as all good things come in balance), leading you through everything you need to know. We also touch a bit on the hooplah that was last week’s Squat Party and talk a bit about some other FSU sports.