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The Triple Option: Film review of the FSU Spring Game

A good time to Spring into some analysis

A lot could have gone wrong during Florida State Football’s annual spring game last Saturday. There were tornado warnings in the morning and the forecast predicted high chances of thunderstorms throughout the day, an untimely injury could have hurt the team come the fall or the team could have just come out stale and undisciplined. None of those things happened.

In most respects the FSU Spring Game was a success. The team looked more disciplined and in sync than they have in years. There was a decent turnout and the atmosphere of the game was high energy and fun to watch. Best of all, there were plenty of high profile recruits there to bask in the highly coordinated efforts from Coach Norvell and company.

The product on the field benefitted from this care and attention to detail as well. There were standouts on both sides of the ball and new wrinkles put in the scheme but instead of dryly curating those things through text, here at Tomahawk Nation, we would rather show you.