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Video interviews with Florida State’s trio of coordinators

Kenny Dillingham, Adam Fuller, and John Papuchis wrap up spring football.

CREDIT:, FSU Sports Information

On Tuesday morning, Florida State’s three coordinators all met with the media to give their final thoughts on spring practice. Full video below and select quotes from today’s post-spring interviews.

FSU offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham interview

Dillingham on the spring game performance: “Most of the time, we gave ourselves a chance to be successful, especially with that first group. That was something we didn’t do a lot of the time last year. A lot of times we had self-inflicted wounds.”

Dillingham on senior quarterback McKenzie Milton: “The more comfortable he got within the system, in terms of where people are going to be on the field and how we teach releases, those little details he had to get used to, and he had constant improvement with that.”

Dillingham on playing faster as an offense: “When you can keep people fresh you can play faster. The more people we have on our roster that we feel comfortable with, the faster we can play and we can limit what we call because we know we are going to have guys who can win one-on-ones.”

FSU defensive coordinator Adam Fuller interview

Fuller on communication within the defense: “The importance of the communication. There is always a speaker but there has always got to be a listener too. Its one thing to have somebody talking but its another thing to have somebody listening and be all on one accord.”

FSU special teams coordinator and defensive ends coach John Papuchis interview