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The Triple Option: Opening the vault

Revisiting FSU’s dominant win over Clemson in 2013

Florida State v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

The offseason for college football is in full swing which means there is little recent Florida State Football film to break down but that won’t stop the guys at the Triple Option from talking ball.

In order to have a little offseason fun the Triple Option this week is reaching back to great FSU games of days past. The question was posed on the Triple Option twitter account and there were a lot of good replies, many of which are in the works to be covered in future episodes, but one stood out amongst the crowd as the clear favorite.

Perhaps it's recency bias but the game most fans wanted to see was Florida State’s beatdown of #3 Clemson in death valley in 2013.

This game stands out in the consciousness of FSU fans for a reason. It was a clear message to the entire country that FSU was here and they were legit. Very rarely are demolitions delivered to top 5 teams and almost never are they done at that team’s house.

So let's take a venture down memory road as we reminisce on the good times in this week's episode of the Triple Option.