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Tomahawk Nation’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Welcome to the show

Welcome friends to the 2021 Tomahawk Nation NFL mock draft! This is your one stop shop for all of the correct picks in Thursday's draft. You read that correctly, ALL, of the correct picks. There’s no way we got one wrong.

In all seriousness, this is something we do every year. I am a football junkie and that means I also love the NFL draft and do intend on watching every pick selected. Even Mr. Irrelevant! I full expect at the least four Seminoles to go in the draft this year at different points. Were any selected in the first round? See for yourself.

Joining me in this TN mock draft is the world renowned NoleThruandThru, our fearless TN leader Perry Kostidakis, everyone’s favorite stat man Saiem Gilani, an old friend Deb, Mr. Instant Reaction Jon Marchant, the great Austin Cox, Mr. Baseball Brett Nevitt, and the sultry voice of TimScribble. If you like any of these people then have some fun in the comments and let them know how poorly their picks were. Be nice to me though or I’m going to come make you do up-downs.


2021 Mock Draft