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Seminole Wrap: NIL breakdown, stadium renovations, weekly FSU sports wrap-up with Trey Rowland

Breaking down FSU’s upcoming NIL partnership, plans to renovate Doak Campbell Stadium, updates on baseball, football, softball, spring sports

Seminole Wrap logo Murphy Jones/Tomahawk Nation

From Doak Campbell Stadium renovation proposals to an upcoming NIL partnership announcement to FSU softball sweeping Notre Dame, there was a whole bunch of Florida State Seminoles hoopla over the last week — and who better to talk hoopla than the mustachioed menace himself, Mr. Trey Rowland (formerly of The Rowlcast, currently of The Triple Option)

Trey joins Juan to talk about the last week in FSU sports — breaking down the potential changes and what they mean for capacity, how NIL changes can up FSU’s game to recruit across all programs, as well as the usual nonsense that naturally evolves between the two.

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