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Updated Free agent tracker: New teams for a duo of Seminoles

Two high-profile Seminoles go undrafted — where will they end up?

Well, that was quick. Both appear to be good fits for Marv and Terry.

Big Marv to Cleveland Browns...

...and Terry goes to the Seattle Seahawks.

While Florida State saw four players selected over the course of the NFL Draft (Hamsah Nasilrideen to the New York Jets, Asante Samuel Jr. to the Los Angeles Chargers, Janarius Robinson to the Minnesota Vikings and Joshua Kaindoh to the Kansas City Chiefs), two high-profile former Seminoles didn’t hear their names called over the course of the draft: defensive tackle Marvin Wilson and wide receiver Tamorrion Terry.

Terry and Wilson both ended their careers at FSU before the conclusion of the 2020 season, with Terry opting out of the team and Wilson choosing to rehab a nagging leg injury, and while their stock was expected to take a hit between last season’s lack of production and FSU’s overall success on the field both players have potential that NFL teams will be coveting.

As undrafted free agents, the duo will have more freedom in selecting their team — ideally, a situation where each can take their time to find their footing.

We’ll update this story as we get news on both former Seminoles.

An explainer on why being undrafted tends to actually be a preferable option to being a late pick from SB Nation:

How does the UDFA system work?

It’s pretty simple, really. As soon as the draft is over, teams have the greenlight to sign as many UDFAs as they please. There are no limits as to how many UDFAs teams can sign — they only have to stick to the 90-man offseason roster size.

Once UDFAs are brought into the fold, they’re treated like any other player, going through the offseason program and training camp and being subjected to roster cuts like everyone else.

What’s the UDFA salary structure?

UDFAs are subject to the same rookie wage scale that impacts draft picks, so naturally, players who don’t get drafted will have among the smallest contracts in the league. Currently, Spotrac estimates the 2018 UDFA salary to be $570,000.

What’s the upside of going undrafted?

The biggest positive is freedom to choose your destination. By the time the draft gets into the sixth and seventh rounds, the difference in rookie salaries is negligible. Once most players slip into that range, in some cases they’d rather go undrafted and get to pick and choose which team to sign with.

Also, this might be a backhanded compliment, but UDFAs can benefit from lowered expectations. Without the burden of being a draft pick and seen as a wasted resource if they don’t work out, UDFAs can simply come into camp and try to impress coaches on their own merits.

Players like Doug Baldwin wear the UDFA label as almost a point of pride, using it as a chip on their shoulder throughout their entire careers. This is not to say that draft picks don’t have the same drive, but football players will find motivation wherever they can. And if UDFAs become stars, they’ll rarely let people forget that they succeeded despite going undrafted.