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The Triple Option ft. Dave Bartoo of CFB Matrix

What the numbers say about Mike Norvell and Adam Fuller.

Dave Bartoo likes what Florida State head coach Mike Norvell brings to Tallahassee.

That opinion carries some weight. Bartoo is one of the top consultants for college football programs across the country. His opinion is held in high regard by many athletic directors, boosters, and coaches when it comes time to find a replacement on the staff.

That’s all because he was one of the pioneers of data-driven football. He was the first on the scene with a composite recruiting rankings system back in 2008 and he is leading the charge of better-advanced metrics to evaluate coaches and prospects.

However, this isn’t a show that only numberphiles can enjoy. Bartoo is passionate about 2 things: communicating his advanced stats in a way that is understandable to the average person and his side company the “Pro Athlete Hemp Association” (which you can find more details about here).

This interview not only touches on Mike Norvell and defensive coordinator Adam Fuller but he also takes the time to touch on the rest of the college football landscape. He is even gracious enough to give some evaluation tips for both quarterbacks and coaches so you can seem like an expert on your next fantasy draft.

Needless to say, this is a must-watch or listen for any college football fan and it was a blast to do.