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Midnight Madness Player Profiles

A look at some of the talent Norvell is bringing to Tallahassee

The entire NCAA has been in a dead period for over a year. That means for the majority of Florida State head coach Mike Norvell’s first year and a half on-campus he has been unable to meet face to face with any recruits.

Needless to say, this has been a bit of a difficult situation but Norvell has made the best of it so far. Not only was he able to pull a solid 2021 class with minimal time but he was able to bolster the roster with transfers that can make an immediate impact.

The NCAA decided to drop its dead period on June 1st and Norvell and company were not willing to wait another second before meeting the kids they have been so diligently recruiting.

At midnight FSU opened its doors for what’s being called Midnight Madness. Some of the best recruits from around the country are filing into Doak Campbell Stadium to experience what it's like under the lights. Some of these names might be familiar but some might be surprises and we wouldn’t be Tomahawk Nation if we didn’t spend the time to outline some of the talent that is finding its way to Tallahassee for this historic recruiting event.