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Florida State football changes tailgating hours

A long-awaited change comes to Tallahassee

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

With the reversal of several pandemic policies also comes a new one for Florida State Seminoles football.

FSU has already announced it will be returning to 100 percent capacity in the fall, alongside the removal of other safety protocols placed over the last year, but there hadn’t been an official tailgating announcement — until today.

With the return of tailgating also comes a new policy — in addition to lots opening five hours before kickoff, they’ll also open no later than 12 p.m.

The “five hours before kickoff” policy has been in place, but it’s presented some difficulties during games that begin late in the day.

From the announcement:

All Booster parking lots will open for tailgating five hours before kickoff or no later than 12:00 noon for all games. This includes Notre Dame, which kicks at 7:30pm, and Jacksonville State, which kicks at 8:00pm. Booster parking lots will open at 12:00pm for our first two home games!

From a previous email:

Each spring the Seminole Ticket Office offers football season ticket holders and Seminole Booster members an opportunity to enhance their game day experience by selecting seating and parking locations for the upcoming football season.

At this time, we are planning for 100% capacity inside Doak Campbell Stadium this fall. You will be notified should we receive any new information regarding any changes relating to the upcoming football season.

If you are a returning member and/or season ticket holder, and are happy with your current seating and/or parking location, then no action is necessary at this time. Your same seats and/or parking from the 2019 season (or summer 2020 relocation prior to reduced capacity) have been secured for this season. However, we strongly recommend you take a few minutes to view open seat locations, even if you are happy with your current location. It only takes a few minutes and some locations that have become available this year may surprise you. Please note, this is not required, and you will not lose your current seat location if you choose not to participate.

Ticketing Note: All ticket balances must be paid in full prior to finalizing any seating upgrade/movement (unless you are currently utilizing a ticket payment plan).

Parking Note: Parking lots 1-6, with the exception of the back part of lot 5, are designated as reserved lots and are available only at the Golden Chief ($6,500) level and above. Assignments of these reserved lots are handled on a request basis only. If you wish to adjust your reserved parking location, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may submit your request.