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The Triple Option: Recruiting, scheme talk, and a brand new segment

The shackles come off

The Florida State Football offseason has been in full swing and so have the guys at the Triple Option.

In recent weeks they have had a whole host of different guests on the show ranging from Dave Bartoo, who discussed the Norvell coaching hire using advanced analytics, to some recruiting experts (Josh Newberg from 247sports and our own David Stout) who helped parse out all of the information we’re receiving from the myriad of recruiting camps the staff has been hosting.

This week is different. This week there is no time for guests.

Instead, each member gets to talk about what they do best around these parts.

Kevin gets a moment to talk scheme and expand on the video he released about coverage last week, Coach AB gets to talk about all of the hog-mollies along the offensive and defensive line that have been recruiting targets as of late, and Trey gets his own never before seen segment to round it out.