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What if NIL had existed for former FSU athletes?

It’s Prime Time for Prime Time

Perry Kostidakis, Jesse Piorro/FSView

With the new NIL ruling giving amateur athletes the right to start profiting off their likenesses starting on July 1st, the Tomahawk Nation staff began to ponder which of the former Florida State Seminoles players could have profited off their likeness in the past.

For very, very, personal reasons, the one I would have wanted to see was a commercial featuring Ron Simmons, Kenny Lanier, and Sam Platt doing a live remote from the Maas Brothers loading dock promoting the fine selection of electronic equipment available at Maas Brothers Store, conveniently located in the Governor’s Square Mall.

We started with former FSU players, but then it slowly devolved into ragging on our rivals as well.

Here are some of the lame attempts we came up with:

Randy Moss, incoming freshman, advertising for Trulieve.

Jameis Winston, promoting the freshly caught selection of fine crab legs from Southeast Fisheries.

Peter Warrick in a ref’s uniform promoting Foot Locker.

Sebastian Janikowski as the Grand Marshall at the Powder Keg Beer & Chili Festival parade.

Dalvin Cook’s own line of meal prep kits

Dwayne Bacon sponsoring literally any brunch place in Tallahassee

Nick O’Leary for Progressive’s Commercial Bus Insurance program. “If you hit the front of a bus like I did, or you get hit like this, you’ll need good coverage.”

Luke Weaver teaming up with a sewing company

EJ Manuel promoting cars at dealerships that don’t have automatic transmission

Arrington Jenkins advertising for the Moped LoJack Theft Prevention System.

Michael Irvin spokesman for corner-cut Ziploc baggies.

Miami athletes sponsoring boomerangs, since they’ll come back before the U

Ray Lewis for the Forged in Fire brand knives.

Phil Fulmer: “At Tennessee, we only eat at McDonald's because they make sure the bags are fat with cash.”

Can you think of a past amateur athlete, FSU or rival, that you would you have wanted to see promoting a product or company, and which company or product would that be?

Please share your ideas on past amateurs and their possible endorsement opportunities (and please don’t get too out of hand.)