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Watch, listen: Interview with professional golfer John Pak

“ Committing to Florida State was probably one of the best decisions of my life ”

American professional golfer and former NCAA Player of the Year John Pak is set to be the next FSU great on his journey to golf stardom.

Pak finished his career in Tallahassee as one of the most accomplished athletes in school history ending his time at FSU as the first Seminole to receive the Ben Hogan and Fred Haskins Award.

“Committing to Florida State was probably one of the best decisions of my life, they’ve got all the resources to make you a better player... Just the name of Florida State has a lot of meaning to it.”

The New Jersey native has aspirations to compete at the highest level having his eyes set on the Masters' green jacket.

“Obviously I want to win a major, preferably the masters, that’s every golfer's dream. I want to have full status in the PGA Tour within the next two years.”

“To be in the same sentence as beating Tigers Woods or Brooks, that’s really special and that’s what I’ve worked my whole life for... it would really mean a lot to me,” Pak said.

Florida State’s been known as college golf’s mecca for decades and Pak has been mentioned as possibly the best golfer to don the Garnet and Gold. His success in the amateurs should translate smoothly to the professional stage as he soon takes on some of his childhood idols and former FSU greats.

“I think we have the best coaching staff in all of college golf. You look at the history of Florida State golfers, a lot of them gradually have gotten better throughout the years.

I think every year I got a little bit better, we just have the resources, we have the coaching staff that knows what they’re doing to really create some good golfers here,” Pak said.

View or listen to the whole interview here: