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McKenzie Milton talks NIL, upcoming season on Packer & Durham

“Business is business.”

Packer & Durham sat down with Mckenzie Milton today and had talks surrounding his business venture Dreamfield with Miami’s D’Eriq King and his transition to Florida State Football, highlighting some of the passions and motivations of the former UCF quarterback.

“Been a long time coming and it’s been a couple years since I got hurt but I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here, to wear these colors, wear this logo and play ball again for my last year of college football.”

Milton could not make it any clearer how excited and focused he was on getting back in action on and off the field. In fact, when asked about his number one take-away and lesson learned on his way back to the field, Milton had a humble response.

“Biggest thing for me is to take everything with a grain of salt. Take every day one day at a time. That’s how I try to approach my rehab and anything in life. There would be times where I was playing or at practices and really didn’t want to be out there. But now I don’t think I’ll ever have that feeling again with this past year. Probably the most fun I’ve had in college football. Just to practice again.”

Practice will soon turn to real play with September 5th and Notre dame on the way. No one can deny the talent of Milton or his mental toughness. Overcoming two years of non-play after dislocating his right knee, suffering ligament and nerve damage and a transfer to Florida State is nothing but a testament to his ability to get things done. That ability does not stop on the field either.

When asked about Dreamfield and co-founding with Miami rival King, Milton had a lot to say.

“It’s an opportunity for us as older heads since we’re in our 6th year to think about our journey and life after football—giving back to these athletes is part of that. NFT’s digital art stands for Non-fungible Tokens which cannot be remade, creating a rarity for it. I’m still learning about it, but the auction is next Tuesday so feel free to tap in if you’re interested in investing in the first collegiate NFT.”

Of all guys though, someone from Miami? Just joking but, when asked Milton made sure to note that on the field it is something else. Off the field he wants to see all college athletes win and capitalize on the NIL opportunity. Like they say business is business, which means free food at Miller’s and getting paid for meet and greets. Milton went on to describe the experience him and teammates had at Miller’s Ale House and the appreciation to receive a free meal and get paid for things. He stated, “Thought would have been done by now”.

“Whether getting a free meal or a few extra dollars in our pockets, giving us the chance to pay taxes, manage money and become financially literate while in school is just going to create opportunities to educate myself and other college athletes.”

His appreciation does not stop there. Milton also brought up his appreciation for competition, mentioning teammates Jordan, Tate, Chubba and Gino, all individuals who he states have brought out the best in him and vice versa.

“Competition is fun to me. You get the opportunity to showcase your best ability. We are all trying to get to the same place and can all help each other get to our individual goals.”

Goals for him that involve coaching in the future.

The last bit of the sit down with Packer & Durham involved Milton sharing his excitement for playing under Coach Norvell, Coach Dillingham and Coach Storms.

“I’m excited to be here and wish I had more time so I’m going to enjoy the time I have with these coaches. I’m certain down the road and whenever I get into coaching myself, I will be interconnected with Coach Dillingham, Coach Norvell and Coach Storms—they are a special group of guys.”

A special group that has been built up by young men like Milton himself. With all the changes and initiative taken by star-athletes like Milton, this new era of college and high school sports will be something to keep our eyes on.

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