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ACC Kickoff: FSU’s day at the mic

Jordan Travis, Jermaine Johnson, McKenzie Milton and Mike Norvell all speak today

Florida State Seminoles football is taking its turn at the festivities of the ACC Kickoff today, with head coach Mike Norvell, defensive end Jermaine Johnson and quarterbacks Jordan Travis and McKenzie Milton all speaking to reporters and live on the ACC Network starting at 9:45 a.m.

The selection of players is an interesting one, given that Milton and Johnson have been on campus for less than 7 months and the assumed quarterback battle between the aforementioned transfer and Travis, but there was obvious thought put into it beyond, “well this will be funny,” something sure to be revealed today.

To catch up on the latest pieces we’ve done on the three attendees, as well as an earlier-in-the-year interview with Norvell, head below:


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