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Everything Jordan Travis said at ACC Kickoff

“I can’t wait to get back on the field.”

Q. Offensive line has been something of a question mark at Florida State for several years. Here in 2021 the Seminoles have 73 aggregate starts in the offensive line. As a play-maker like yourself, how will that translate into helping you make plays?

JORDAN TRAVIS: Offensive line, I give a shout-out to them because they’ve been working very hard this off-season. Every single day they go out 100%. We do player practices. They’re out there every single day going full speed. I’m blessed to have them.

Yeah, of course, offensive line, it starts there in the trenches. We can’t do anything without the offensive line. So I’m thankful for them boys.

Q. For you to come into this season having McKenzie come in, how have you kind of played off of one another? What can you say about the competition? How do you improve McKenzie and how does McKenzie improve you?

JORDAN TRAVIS: First off, I have to give a shout-out to McKenzie also. That boy, he works hard every day. He’s been through a lot. I’ve been looking up to him for many years now. I’m just seeing where he came from. I’m blessed to have him here.

I’m ready to get ready to work with him. If I’m next to him, if I’m behind him, I’m thankful for every opportunity I have. I’m thankful to be at Florida State.

Q. Looking back at last year, you guys were 111th in red zone efficiency. How do you kind of take the reins and improve that? What’s going to be the key this year?

JORDAN TRAVIS: We just got to keep getting better. There’s nothing else to it. We just got to get better. Last year was last year. It was a tough year. We went through a lot.

This year we’ve been working hard. Every day we go out there, we’re working hard, we’re getting better. This year is our year, for sure.

Q. You’re a Seminole scholar. What is the balance in keeping academic and football straight, level, on a high level?

JORDAN TRAVIS: My parents did a great job with that, just forcing me every single day. Even in elementary school, middle school, just go home, school is first. We’re student-athletes. So school’s important to me.

My brother went to Florida State. He had all As and Bs. I’m not there yet. He’s been pushing me to get better every day.

Q. Can you detail some of the struggles you had switching from Coach Taggart’s system to Coach Norvell’s system, especially without spring practice?

JORDAN TRAVIS: I’m just thankful to have Coach Norvell here and Coach Dillingham.

The transformation, it wasn’t tough. I transferred from Louisville first. My brother has always taught me just to be ready for change. Change is good sometimes.

I’m thankful I have the coaches here now because they’ve helped me a ton. A year ago today I didn’t know if I even wanted to play football anymore. These coaches came in and I love the game again. I can’t wait to get back on the field.