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VIDEO: Highlights from FSU football’s Wednesday practice

Photo gallery included.

Brett Nevitt

Florida State football hit the practice field for the third straight day on Wednesday morning. As usual, the media had an open viewing to shoot video and photograph for the first three periods. In the three periods, the Seminoles worked a special teams drill, one-on-one tackling, and tempo in an 11-on-11 situation.

Tate Rodemaker and Jordan Young connected for the highlight of the early portion. On one of the last plays of 11-on-11, Rodemaker dropped a perfect pass into Young’s bread basket as he glided down the side line for a big gain. Parker Grothaus also drilled a short field goal with ease in the period. It was a good sign for the ‘Noles, who struggled to be consistent with field goals from a short range last season.

For video from today’s first three sessions of practice, see below:

For photos from the early portion of today’s practice, see below: