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VIDEO: Jermaine Johnson, Dennis Briggs meet with media on Wednesday

“We have our objectives, we know what we have to do. We improve on what we need to improve on.”

NCAA Football: ACC Kickoff Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

FSU football hit the practice fields today. After practice, defensive linemen Jermaine Johnson and Dennis Briggs met with the media. On the mission of this preseason, Johnson said, “We’ve got the same mission as spring and summer workouts. We’ve got to come out here and grind starting from day one. We have our objectives, we know what we have to do. We improve on what we need to improve on.”

Johnson was one of two SEC-transfers to come to FSU this season to help on the defensive line. When asked about South Carolina transfer Keir Thomas, Johnson said, “You can look at Keir’s film, it speaks for itself. It’s good to have him on the opposite side of the line, because when you got two people on the edge like that… good luck.”

For Johnson’s whole interview, see below:

Since coming to Florida State, Briggs has made the move from defensive end to defensive tackle. Briggs feels that he makes a greater impact on the interior of the D-Line, “I feel like I can help my team out better there. Making that move there has helped me grow as a player, mentally and physically. It’s helped me understand the game at a deeper level.”

Last year, Briggs opted out prior to the season, but returned halfway through the season and was thrown back into the action. He feels much more prepared for game action this season as he works through fall camp. “Coming halfway through the season, I really wasn’t in full football shape. Going through this whole preseason, it’s definitely helping me get better.”

For Briggs’ whole interview, see below (video via