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VIDEO: Alex Atkins speaks to media on the development of FSU’s offensive line

On Devontay Love-Taylor: “Devontay’s ready to go, he’s doing well, I’m really proud of where he’s at.”

Brett Nevitt

Florida State football concluded their fourth practice in as many days late this morning. Offensive line coach Alex Atkins met with the media after practice to discuss the development of his O-Line. Atkins’ was pleased with his line’s ability to compete, but he’s emphasizing poise with the group. “At O-line, you want to have poise and control. You can’t get too high, you can’t get too low and you’ve got to move on pretty quickly because there’s always a next play. We preach that in every drill.”

Devontay Love-Taylor was an everyday starter for Atkins last season before going down with an injury. The offensive line coach is ready to get him back in the mix soon. On what Love-Taylor brings to the , Atkins said, “Experience. Grit. Toughness. All of that. He’s a guy that’s really changed the dynamic of the room. He’s done a really good job of building relationships to where those guys trust him. Devontay’s ready to go, he’s doing well, I’m really proud of where he’s at.”

Maurice Smith took control of the starting center spot and handled it well. Atkins has enjoyed watching the growth of Smith, as he’s starting to understand the position and game more and more. Atkins said, “Maurice is comfortable. Still a young bull. What I like about Maurice is he’s taking the game more mental, not physical. He’s seeing the picture, seeing the alignment, seeing things before they happen and taking charge.”

For Atkins’ full presser, see below: