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Florida State fall camp notebook: August 20

Playing musical quarterbacks.

Brett Nevitt - Tomahawk Nation

In Florida State head coach Mike Norvell's interview today he mentioned workload management.

“I get very specific data on workloads for what guys are doing. Every position, from the kickers to the quarterbacks, to the number of throws, all that we’re doing throughout practice.

“So if you look at workloads coupled with a guy’s history, if they're coming off an injury, if they have something that's ailing them, we want to be smart to make sure that they get the work that they need— but also not put them at risk for something that's gonna extend for a longer period of time.”

“We’re gonna map out a plan that they need so we’re ready to go come September 5th.”

The backup quarterbacks have been getting the majority of the reps these past couple of days and there are experiences to learn from—good and bad. Both interceptions thrown in the first red-zone drill were from underclassmen. The first one came from quarterback Chubba Purdy after a low snap and a rollout to the right, linebacker Amari Gainer immediately headed towards the endzone and dove to catch the underthrown pass.

The second interception came from quarterback Tate Rodemaker when defensive back Kevin Knowles II soared into the air and came down with a one-handed interception.

*Even at 5’11 I bet he can dunk because it looked like something from NBA Jam.

(Side note: There were scouts from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks, the Green Bay Packers and the Tennessee Titans viewing the first few periods.)

Moving outside, some more red-zone drills were done from the 15-yard line. Defensive ends Kier Thomas and Jermaine Johnson II were in the backfield the whole time disrupting plays and causing the quarterbacks to scramble. Quarterback Tate Rodemaker was able to make a few plays off of his scrambling ability, one was a touchdown to tight end Jackson West and the other would’ve been a touchdown had running back D.J. Williams not dropped it in the endzone.

A few defensive players stood out in another portion of practice, also 11 on 11. Defensive back Jarvis Brownlee Jr. and linebacker Amari Gainer stuffed a few plays, one of the big boys defensive tackle Malcolm Ray got him some cold cuts with an interception moving in on a shovel pass, defensive tackle Dennis Briggs Jr. swatted one down at the line of scrimmage—again, and what should’ve been a beautiful throw and catch to wide receiver Malik McClain was fumbled in the air and secured by defensive back Jarvis Brownlee Jr. on the way down.

Defensive back Hunter Washington had a nice breakup on a throw intended for Malik McClain, and on another play defensive back Travis Jay leaped over running back Treshaun Ward from behind to swat down a pass.

Offensive lineman Devontay Love-Taylor stood out the most on that side of the ball when working in pass-rushing drills against the defensive line showing great awareness and leadership. Defensive linemen Robert Cooper, Fabian Lovett, and Jermaine Johnson all stood out getting to the cone.

Chubba Purdy’s moments came from red zone drills towards the end of practice. A touchdown throw to running back Jashaun Corbin in the back end of the endzone, a roll-out pass to running back Lawrence Toafili who twinkle-toed to stay in bounds and walked into the endzone, he also scrambled for another touchdown in the next series.

Head coach Mike Norvell gave an interview after practice and discussed workload, team health, COVID-19, and a couple of other topics which can be seen here:

VIDEO: Mike Norvell speaks to media after Friday’s practice

Defensive back Akeem Dent, wide receivers Ontaria Wilson and Kentron Poitier gave interviews as well.

VIDEO: Friday’s player interviews

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