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Florida State fall Camp notebook: August 21

The team begins to prepare.

Brady Scott and Dillan Gibbons | Tommy Mire

Some news is bittersweet. Today at practice we were informed that no more video and photographs were going to be allowed from this point moving forward.

The good news is that it only means one thing, September 5th is closing in fast and the team will start to prepare for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish next week. So, to say a final goodbye, here is the last practice footage of fall camp.

Salut, Brett’s iPhone battery thanks you:

VIDEO: Highlights from FSU’s Saturday practice

Tomorrow the team will have a Sunday scrimmage that will be closed to the media followed by a virtual press conference with Florida State Seminoles coaches Mike Norvell, Kenny Dillingham, Adam Fuller, and John Papuchis later that evening.

Outside in 11 on 11, they were practicing short yard situations and quarterback Jordan Travis’ mobility got the team a couple of first downs. During the drill, Travis rolled to his right but the coverage downfield was good enough to slow down the play allowing defensive end Quashon Fuller to close in to force a throwaway.

Running back Deonte Sheffield broke through the middle and took off for a big gain before the whistle blew.

Linebacker Amari Gainer had a nice breakup on a pass from Travis to tight end Camren McDonald. The next one connected with McDonald for about 10 and Gainer was there to make the stop.

Quarterback Gino English sailed one to tight end Markeston Douglas over the middle for a huge gain. It had been the best throw of the day outside by far at that point.

Now in the red zone, the offense dominated 7 on 7 today. Both quarterbacks Jordan Travis and Tate Rodemaker had four touchdowns apiece. Travis to Helton from the pocket, another to Ontaria Wilson, one to wide receiver Darrion Williamson, and lastly he nailed running back D.J. Willams on a screen who walked right in.

Tate Rodemaker hit running back Jashaun Corbin in the endzone, Markeston Douglas the same, one to wide receiver Ja’Khi Douglas, and lastly one to tight end Wyatt Rector.

If defensive tackle Malcolm Ray got him some cold cuts yesterday, offensive lineman Maurice Smith fed him some pancakes today, flattening Ray in 11 on 11.

For the 11 on 11 drills Jordan Travis’ mobility stood out again on designed runs and scrambles. He did try to bomb one after pressure from Amari Gainer to wide receiver Andrew Parchment, who had a step or two on the defensive back but it was overthrown.

Running back Corey Wren sizzled and took off after getting the ball from quarterback Chubba Purdy and in the blink of an eye he was already in the secondary. His speed is phenomenal.

I would say today the defense and offense were about even aside from the 7 on 7 drills.

Defensive backs Travis Jay and Jarvis Brownlee Jr. both picked off Jordan Travis. Quashon Fuller was also in the backfield again and the whole defense showed good coverage.

“I think when it comes to the game of ball, this particular game, you have to always want physicality—almost violence at times for this particular position.”

“When it comes to being physical— when its time to bang? we’re gonna bang.”

See linebacker’s coach Chris Marve’s interview from today here:

VIDEO: Chris Marve speaks on the development of the linebacker group

Along with linebackers D.J. Lundy and Kalen DeLoach’s interviews here:

VIDEO: Linebackers DJ Lundy and Kalen DeLoach speak to media after Saturday’s practice