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Watch: Joshua Farmer talks after FSU practice

CREDIT: FSU Sports Information

“I don’t care about who they bring in, none of that,’ Farmer said. ”I’m here to compete. It doesn’t matter who you bring in. Me and my coaches talked about that, my high school coaches, they was like, ‘It’s college football.

“Everybody is good. You just got to be different. Work different and everything.’ I didn’t care who they brought in really. I feel like I still can play early, especially being an early enrollee.”

That was freshman defensive end Joshua Farmer back in February, displaying the sort of approach that he’d take as he battled for playing time in his first year in Tallahassee.

He’s followed up on his swagger since, both bulking up and taking ownership of his time on the field, leading to high praise from his coaches and teammates.

Farmer spoke on Thursday about his progress so far as a freshman, how he’s been acclimating to Tallahassee and more: