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Watch, read, listen: What’s FSU getting in its latest offensive line commit?

The big boys are coming

The Florida State Seminoles have landed themselves another offensive line prospect, YAWN. Am I right? Alex Atkins is boring me with his recruiting success. In all seriousness, Mike Norvell and FSU hauled in Jaylen Early out of Duncanville HS and he is not a player whose tape will bore you.

To help showcase what the blue-chip commit brings to the table, Kevin Little (XsandNoles) and I took to Zoom to break down the big man’s highlight film.

Here’s some quick background for the non-visual learners:

Florida State Football commit analysis


Early is the first man off the ball consistently. That explosiveness is important for positioning and leverage. It is easy to project Early as an effective run blocker because he gets himself into position with his first step. You have always heard “the low man wins” but reality is the player in the best position is the one who wins.


Agility is a term not always used to describe offensive line prospects. However, when you watch top notch athletes on the offensive line you notice how well they start and stop, move side to side, and how quickly they can get their feet up and down. Early possesses all of these traits and shows you high level agility. In his highlights you witness a beautiful skip pull, Early is shown pulling on counter plays, and shows impressive quickness on zone plays.


Early is nothing like Kanaya Charlton who engulfs opponents and overwhelms them. However, Early is a powerful linemen in his own right. This is where Early’s explosiveness comes into play as he keeps his feet moving and finishes plays. The power that he possesses in his lower half paired with the quickness makes him a finisher as a run blocker. This is a great combination of traits to possess as an offensive linemen. He will need to continue to develop his upper body strength to maximize his power.