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Watch, listen: The Triple Option’s FSU WR, TE Preview

Strength or weakness?

Welcome everybody (Adam says in his best Trey voice) to The Triple Option position preview series. In the attached videos you will find our thoughts and depth chart projections. These videos are to support the amazing work already done in the written projections by our talented group of writers. There are some differences but that is the fun part of positional previews.

The wide receiver and tight end positions have a lot of bodies but do they have a difference maker? That is to be determined but there are some names that are intriguing for the upcoming season. First, and foremost, Kansas transfer Andrew Parchment will look to become a true number one wide receiver. At tight end a name to watch is the veteran Camren McDonald. Take a minute and watch the video to learn the rest of our thoughts.

The rest of this series will be rolling out as we work our way through fall camp and push closer to the season. Please be sure to like and subscribe to the XsandNoles YouTube channel and also give 5 star reviews on the Everything Noles podcast channel.